How To Wiki

Here we describe how to use the web interface to the federated wiki. Read About Federated Wiki to learn about the project. If you are just starting to write in your first wiki then read the Field Guide to the Federation.

Tip: Use arrow keys to scroll left and right.

How To Read Content

How to Find The Beginning of any site.

How to Follow Links within and between sites.

How to Search Sites nearby the ones you've visited.

How to Find Sites that share with you.

How to Read History of any page.

How To Add Content

How to Add Text to an existing paragraph.

How to Add Links to a paragraph.

How to Add Formatting to a paragraph.

How to Add Weird Characters to a paragraph.

How to Add Paragraphs or paragraph-like items to a story.

How to Move Paragraphs within and between wiki pages.

How to Add Pages by adding links to nonexistant pages.

How to Copy Pages by forking them from remote sites.

How to Import Documents from various sources.

How to Add Videos from YouTube or Vimeo.

How to Remove Content

How to Remove Paragraphs and other editable items.

How to Remove Pages or direct readers to other sites.

How To Improve Wiki

How to Review Changes to any page or site.

How to Track Changes to many sites at once.

How to Host a Site to share your work.

How to Add Plugins to interpret new kinds of data.

How to Track Updates to software on this site.

How to Contribute Code to the federated wiki application.