Interesting Places

We will visit these places sooner or later.

Seattle 47.5865282, -122.2380991 Mercer Island 47.5106964, -122.3031199 Salmon Cove 47.5442383, -122.3337349 Duwamish Trail in Georgetown 47.5616062, -122.3513843 Terminal 107 47.5034459, -122.2997708 Cecil Moses Park 47.5837443, -122.3691725 Jack Block Park 47.5887506, -122.3800434 Seacrest Park 47.5570489, -122.3516741 West Duwamish Greenbelt

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Mercer Island. site

I've been tracing trails south along the green river and other destinations. This advertising insert caught my attention as it announces the contemporary branding of Tukwila, Des Moines and SeaTac communities. insert

City of Seattle ArcGIS Online: provides a central location for the dissemination of GIS information, both within the City and for public consumption. site bike

To better understand how Seattle might become a 15-minute city, I created an interactive map showing walking times to amenities across the city. post