Ward Cunningham

I've been bringing my bikes up to Seattle for many years. I'm a little short on pictures so I thought i'd use these vacations as motivation for improving the phototelling experience. See Making Seattle Trails

I can't stop. I want markers on the places I remember most, some that must be close to Jeff's. I write a short paragraph on each marker. Click zoom in/out if they aren't working for you.

Idle wandering dead-end streets has lead to an evolution of a specific kind of story telling that had driven innovation in federated wiki.


We collect html scripts used by our Seattle rewrite of the emergent Pandemic Wandering site. github

How Superfund Redevelopment in EPA Region 10 Is Making a Difference in Communities. pdf

View Mercer Islands Trail locations or visit the following park pages to learn more about each location and download the trail map. page

The Green River Trail winds more than 19 miles through industrial lands near the Duwamish Waterway in Tukwila to the broad Green River Valley. page

Shoreline street ends are City Council designated areas for public access where streets meet a shore. page


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